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Sleek has developed the ultimate skin care line to enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Each product is formulated with powerful therapeutic ingredients, designed specifically to complement your skin care and waxing routine. Sleek Skin uses minimal, yet high quality, ingredients derived from antioxidants and natural substances such as witch hazel, shea butter and aloe vera. Our goal is to provide the absolute best products available to our clients to keep skin healthy, vibrant and glowing — especially post waxing.

We’re all about that brow, ‘bout that brow, ‘bout that brow.

It’s true — the best accessory for your face these days are your eyebrows. They frame the face and makes your eyes glow with the fire of inner confidence. Gone are the days of tweezing those things down to a pencil line. Big, full, natural looking brows are beautiful again (thank goodness!). At Sleek, we do more than tame your wild brow hairs — we shape them into the perfect match for your face. We do this with the help of the best brow products on the market, from award winning, celebrity make-up artist — Kelley Baker Brows. After waxing, we’ll apply the right brow enhancers for your look. Love how you are walking out of Sleek with your eyebrows raised? Take Kelley Baker Brows home with you.

Now have a wax experience as fabulous as you are.

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