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Men, at Sleek we understand that body grooming can often feel like walking a fine line between looking like a caveman or being carded at the local bar.

Many wax salons won’t serve men’s needs, or offer a very limited service. At Sleek we believe what makes you comfortable when it comes to smooth skin is what you deserve. We’ve seen it all and won’t make any judgements about where you want a little extra style. Whether you seek simple procedures to please your partner like less ear hair, or have a more complicated request involving your sports, performing art, or personal taste, our professional Sleekologists will make it smooth with care and discretion. The only areas we won’t wax are beards and noggins.

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Every kind of man comes to Sleek for smooth skin. Men who want to feel good about themselves, men who want their partners to feel good about them — athletes, executives, artists, sports fans, weekend warriors and couch potatoes. Self-care and confidence know no limits.

It happens. This is an adrenal response from your body and our professional Sleekologists will work around this and think nothing less of you. As long as you understand that this is a professional service and not an erotic one, there is no reason to be embarrassed.

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