FAQ | Sleek Wax Bar

frequently asked

If you’re new to the waxing experience, we understand you might have some questions about the process. It is important to us that you feel relaxed and at ease and are absolutely clear about what will happen at your appointment. Here are some common questions we get asked. If you have any other questions or concerns, please discuss them with your Sleekologist at your appointment. There are no silly questions, and our professionals have seen and heard it all without judgement. You may also contact us before you appointment.

For all body waxing services, the hair should be at least a ¼ of an inch long or have at least 2 weeks worth of hair growth.

It depends on your pain tolerance, but if you are nervous about the pain you can take a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory 30 minutes before your appointment to reduce discomfort.

We recommend every 3-4 weeks.

You can wax during that time of the month, but keep in mind there is a possibility that you will be more sensitive.

If you are on any topical acne medications, like Retin-A, you must stop using it at least 7 days prior to your waxing service. If you are using an oral acne medication, like Accutane, you must stop using it 6 months prior to your waxing service. Acne medications can cause thinning of the skin, resulting in adverse side effects after waxing.

You must be over 18 years old or have your parents’ permission to wax.

We apply a post-treatment serum that is enriched with aloe vera and glycerin to soothe the skin. If you experience extended redness we find that applying hydrocortisone cream can help. Do not exfoliate your skin for two days after your waxing treatment. After the initial 48 hours post waxing, we encourage daily dry exfoliation to inhibit ingrown hairs.

Congratulations! Yes, you can keep the sexy smooth you while you’re pregnant. However, be aware that the increase in blood flow to some areas of your body can increase the sensitivity of the skin. Every pregnancy is different, so we recommend that you check in with your doctor when you are within a couple of months of your due-date.

This depends on what part of the body you are having hair removed from. Whatever part that is should be free of garments that would impede our Sleekologists giving you the best service possible. Don’t be nervous. This is our job — we’ve seen it all!

It’s really not that bad! But, yes, you may take a pain
reducer/anti-inflammatory like Advil or Tylenol 30 minutes before you appointment which may reduce some sensitivity.

At Sleek, we honor all people in all shapes and sizes, of all genders and of all sexual orientations. We want everyone to feel as good about themselves as possible and we are not here to judge you. Schedule your appointment for the gender-specific parts you have, not the ones you aspire to, so that we may make your perfect Sleekologist match.

Everyone is different some people do get ingrown hair regardless of whether they shave, use a depilatory cream or wax. We apply a post-treatment serum that is enriched with aloe vera and glycerin to soothe the skin and recommend a dry exfoliation daily after the first 48 hours.