Winter waxing isn’t just for your snowboard


Winter waxing isn’t just for your snowboard

Even if you live in sunny California like us, you may decide to scale back on waxing during the winter months when you’re pairing your flip-flops with jeans and it’s too chilly to lounge poolside most days. Maybe you feel like the expense isn’t worth it just for your partner’s sake or the sake of your yoga instructor or gym-mate. (As an aside on expense, we won’t allow you to use that as an excuse at Sleek where we reward our regular waxers with an exclusive membership plan). Maybe you are concerned that extra dry and sensitive winter skin might make a trip to your Sleekologist a little more uncomfortable than usual.

At Sleek, we want to encourage you to keep (or start!) your waxing routine so that you can revel in your confident, smooth self through the holidays and into the new year. Here are a few reasons to keep up your routine and some tips to making your winter wax wonderful.

  1. Winter skin gets dry. Waxing helps! Waxing removes hair, but it also naturally exfoliates by removing dead skin cells. By gently exfoliating the day before your appointment and then generously applying a rejuvenating moisturizer (we recommend Malin+Goetz Vitamin B5 Lotion available at our shop [link to products page]) post-wax, your smooth skin will look and feel summer-fresh.
  2. Skimping on waxing and breaking out the razor for that skimpy holiday frock will reverse all the positive effects of your long-term waxing commitment. Shaving encourages your hair to grow thicker, while waxing weakens the roots and results in softer hair growth.
  3. Staying steady with your routine encourages hair growth to continue growing at the same time, giving you better results with each wax and longer periods of smooth skin.
  4. Waxing isn’t a completely pain-free experience. Waxing regularly helps reduce the pain because there is less and finer hair to wax. Additionally, skin is less exposed to environmental factors like sun and chlorine during the winter months, so your skin will recover more quickly.
  5. Not all areas our Sleekologists wax are hidden under cozy sweaters. The winter is a great time to explore a new brow style in addition to keeping on top of unwanted facial hair.
  6. Taking care of yourself and feeling confident year-round should be everyone’s New Year Resolution

At Sleek, we are your partners in smooth anytime. Treat yourself right no matter what the season and give yourself the gift of Sleek!

adminWinter waxing isn’t just for your snowboard

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