The Love Down Below

No one knows you quite like your waxer.

By sleekologist Michon Barbagelata

When face up on the table, if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking “Sh*t, here I am again,” and I’d be lying if I said a small fear of torment wasn’t creeping into my thoughts. Now she’s laying the first strip and she’s talking nicely to me, because she’s got that good bedside manner — but inside I’m trippin’. She pulls the first strip and you know what? It’s not as bad as I anticipated. Would you like to know why? Because she’s a professional, like me, and I know a few crucial guidelines pre and post wax to ensure my Brazilian comes out 100% every time.

So before you drop trouser for your Sleekologist, here is an uncensored perspective on what it looks and feels like from the other side of the strip, as well as some tips to keep your goods on point, and your wax experience simple and efficient.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Love Down Below

1. If this is your first time, be aware of how long your hair needs to be

A good length is 1/4 to 1/2 inches long. If your hair is too short, we simply can’t help — unless you would like us to tweeze all remaining hairs that were too short for wax to grab. This is a waste of time for everyone, and I can assure you, the receiving end of this situation is like the final scene of A Clockwork Orange. If you’re still unsure, shave and make your wax appointment for two weeks time.

2. Don’t come from or go straight to the gym, beach, or the sack

These activities increase circulation, making the skin more sensitive. Sweat, sand, and any other debris can clog and constrict pores, which makes it harder for hair to release smoothly. It’s least painful to arrive showered and fresh. Avoid tight clothing, tanning beds, sun exposure, saunas, heavy exercise — this also means sex 🙁 —, and hot baths for 24 hours after waxing.

3. Don’t shave between appointments and don’t wax only in the summer

People see waxing as a warm-weather ritual, but consistent waxing will truly transform the structure of your hair. It will dramatically slow growth and alleviate thick, coarse, and dark hair. Consequently, shaving between wax appointments interrupts all progress of the hair’s growth cycle. Once you shave, everything starts over again. So keep it routine (every 4-5 weeks) for superior results.

4. Let’s talk period etiquette

You can be waxed during your period, but be aware your cycle increases blood flow to the area, increasing sensitivity. It’s also wise to give your Sleekologist a heads-up. God forbid a strip is laid that happens to grab a tampon string because we know that string is a one-trick pony!

5. Waxing is an art form: Always opt for a professional.

We’re specifically trained in technique and pattern to ensure an efficient and smooth wax. And please, be specific with us! We all love something original so if you (or your boo) have a specific preference on what you like, let us cater to you.

6. Lastly, “double dipping” is not okay!

Don’t buy into theories which claim wax is hot enough to kill germs and prevent cross contamination and therefore strips can be used more than once. Who wants to play Russian roulette with their important parts? Not us!

#FinalThought: At Sleek, we understand body image is a true concern that transcends age, gender, and sexual orientation. As your Sleekologist, we are not here to judge — this is our job. Looking at you spread eagle isn’t weird for us. When you see us eyeing your most important bits, we’re simply evaluating where to remove hair next. It’s normal for us to hear questions like, “Is this the most hair you’ve ever seen?” or “Does mine look normal?” (What does the textbook for normal even look like?!) Everyone has hair on their tush, hair that grows past their bikini line, and everyone gets in-grown hairs.
Trust me: whatever you think is bad, we’ve seen it all.

We’re not interested in standing around gossiping about what our clients’ bodies look like.

We’re here to support healthy, clean, and beautiful tidbits.

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