Manly Men Manscape

Manly Men Manscape

Guys, you don’t have to be a metrosexual to want to make some things smooth. We’re not talking about your beard, or your buzz cut — in fact, a professional waxer won’t touch those denizens of manliness. But, do not be fooled, your lady friend doesn’t find anything about your ear hair sexy. Or you nose hair. Or your Hobbit feet. And some ladies may not really like it if you are a Cocker Spaniel below the belt line. Plus, if you’ve worked hard for those pecs, you may consider taking down some of your pelt to show it off. Confidence works both ways. You look good so you feel confident, you’re confident, so you look good. Let us help you smooth your way to an elevated sense of self love in addition to making your partner swoon.

The prickly details

Why wax?

Waxing is a better solution than shaving for most of your hairy spots. Waxing removes hairs slightly below the surface of the skin and produces a softer, non-stubbly re-growth. When hair does grow back, it is softer and thinner. (It’s much nicer for your partner to snuggle up to your manly chest when it doesn’t feel like sand paper.)

Waxing really isn’t as painful as you think. Don’t believe The 40 Year Old Virgin. Our Sleekologists are trained to smooth your unruly bits in the most kind and gentle way possible so you stay comfortable and leave satisfied.

Ingrown hair giving you grief? With waxing you’ll have far fewer of those.

Save some time! Stop shaving every day and just come in to let us smooth you once a month.

What to wax?

Manly men like to tame hair in areas like eyebrows, ears, nose, chest, back, and their gluteous maximus. And, yes, it’s true, you can get a manzilian. We highly recommend one if you prefer a shorter short or swimsuit. 

Got tattoos? Then keep them fresh looking with clean, smooth skin. You invested in that artwork, now show it off!

Swim, bike, run? More then triathletes feel that less hair gives them an advantage in their sporting endeavors.

Listen, men — you don’t have to be David Beckham to discover the benefits of smooth. We at Sleek have your back. And your unibrow!

Make an appointment today with one of our discreet professionals and reveal a new you.

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