Going on a vacation?


Going on a vacation? Get Waxed facts!

With the cold weather setting in, you may be strategizing a trip to a warmer, and usually poolside, locale. Whether you have been waxing for years, or you are considering the confidence-boosting power of a failure-free bikini line, now is the time to start thinking of hair removal options. Asking your girlfriends (or man friends!) about their tender-bit hygiene routine can be awkward at best. Let the combined power of our expert Sleekologists cover the basics for you so you an uncover your best assets!

  • Bikini vs. Brazilian: Which is more popular amongst women?
    When it comes to keeping it hair-free and care-free for your neither regions, the Brazilian is the most popular service because of how many personalized options are available. Whatever you want to do, as much hair or as little hair, over here, over there, our Sleekologists will listen to exactly what you want and make it so. This also covers the basis, from front to back, to your preference.
  • Why would a man want to wax “down there” and wouldn’t that effect their leg-hair too?
    Men these days are learning to take “manscaping” more seriously. Men are coming in to the professionals for a variety of reasons. One, it can be hard to figure out where to start and what to do when you want to remove some hair, but not all of it. Two, waxing is very easy up-keep, once you get into the groove. And keep in mind, guys, you could want to reduce the look of hair around your tighty-whities but not want to have a noticeable hair line from there to you leg hair. Your Sleekologist knows how to fade that line and keep it looking natural.
  • If the type of wax is the secret to a pain-free experience, what kind does Sleek use, and why?
    At Sleek, we are hard-core advocates of hard wax. Our superior product, Berodin brand wax reduces pain in the following ways:
    1. It adheres just to the hair and not the skin, so there is no extra tugging or pulling of the skin
    2. It is heated at a low temperature to avoid extra irritation
    3. It is made to be flexible. This means the wax doesn’t easily break once applied, which could be painful
  • What kind of prep should you do before a wax?
    Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Did we say exfoliate? Exfoliating is the most important thing you can do before any waxing service. Once you remove all of those dead surface cells, it will be much easier for your Sleekologist remove all the hair without having to go over the area multiple times. Also, make sure your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long. That means, as hard as it is, wait. Wait three to four weeks. We know, it’s hard. But wait. Also, keep hydrated — this is just good advice for a healthy life, but it’s good before a wax, too. Oh yeah, and exfoliate.
  • How far in advance of your vacation is the optimal time for a wax (first timers and return)?
    If you are a returning customer or a regular devotee of the smooth life and you know how your skin will react, you can come in two days before your vacation to get waxed. For first-timers, we recommend you try out the service you are thinking of a month before your vacation (or special event!). This will give you time to see how your skin will react, plus, the second time (this time right before your vacation or event) will likely have much less of a reaction.
  • What happens if you are dissatisfied with your wax / there are problems with inconsistent hair removal?
    Keep in mind there are a number of moving factors that will effect your experience:
    1. Make sure you are on a consistent schedule. Even if you come in a week early or a week late, that can disrupt your hair growth cycle.
    2. Exfoliate before any waxing service, and be hydrated for best results.
    3. If you do have hair left behind, Sleek has a seven day touch up policy. Come in within seven days of your original appointment to have the hair removed complimentary.

Call Sleek today to schedule your pre-vacation system to smooth!

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