TruMarine™ collagen


Boost your smooth in your smoothie! You love the smooth skin you get right after a wax at Sleek, right? You already know the powerful confidence-boosting benefits of uncovering your best assets. But, you know what? At Sleek, we think your best asset is what’s on the inside. When you are confident, you let your inner sparkle out into the … Read More

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Going on a vacation?


Going on a vacation? Get Waxed facts! With the cold weather setting in, you may be strategizing a trip to a warmer, and usually poolside, locale. Whether you have been waxing for years, or you are considering the confidence-boosting power of a failure-free bikini line, now is the time to start thinking of hair removal options. Asking your girlfriends (or … Read More

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Winter waxing isn’t just for your snowboard


Winter waxing isn’t just for your snowboard Even if you live in sunny California like us, you may decide to scale back on waxing during the winter months when you’re pairing your flip-flops with jeans and it’s too chilly to lounge poolside most days. Maybe you feel like the expense isn’t worth it just for your partner’s sake or the … Read More

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Breaking News: Sleek is your partner in smooth


Breaking News Sleek is your partner in smooth Are you dedicated to looking your best and keeping a spring in your step? Does smooth, touchable skin boost your confidence and keep you coming back to the wax? Do you wish you could get the most discreet, experienced, skin-smoothing treatment as often as you’d like without it costing a fortune? We … Read More

adminBreaking News: Sleek is your partner in smooth

Manly Men Manscape


Manly Men Manscape Guys, you don’t have to be a metrosexual to want to make some things smooth. We’re not talking about your beard, or your buzz cut — in fact, a professional waxer won’t touch those denizens of manliness. But, do not be fooled, your lady friend doesn’t find anything about your ear hair sexy. Or you nose hair. … Read More

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The Love Down Below


No one knows you quite like your waxer. By sleekologist Michon Barbagelata When face up on the table, if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking “Sh*t, here I am again,” and I’d be lying if I said a small fear of torment wasn’t creeping into my thoughts. Now she’s laying the first strip and she’s talking nicely to me, because … Read More

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The 8 commandments of sunscreen


The 8 commandments of sunscreen By sleekologist Michon Barbagelata Here at Sleek, beauty and health is dogma. Not only do we take pride in manicuring and maintaining our clients, we love to share our knowledge and experience in beauty, health and life. Since we are halfway through summer, let’s talk sunscreen. UV rays are the leading cause of skin cancer … Read More

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