Per the State and Sac County Guidelines

Q: How will there be any privacy?

A: There won’t be. We won’t be able to do any services under the underwear.

Q: Where do I check in?

A: You’ll still go to our lobby to check in for your appointment and check out. We ask that you sit outside if you’re waiting for your appointment.

Q: What about the heat?

A: We will have a modified schedule. Online booking will have our most updated schedule. For now, there won’t be evening availability but we will be open Saturday and Sunday to accommodate more of you.

Q: Are all of the waxers going to be working?

A: We gave the option to all of our waxers if they wanted to work outside or not. As of now, only Geena and Frances will be working at this time.

Q: What about memberships if I don’t feel comfortable getting waxed outside? 

A: All memberships will be postponed until we can properly open. If you come in and want to use your membership, we can reactivate it for you the day of your service.

Have questions, contact us at info@sleekwaxbar.com.


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Saturday8:30 - 5:00
Sunday Closed